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End of the Archives

At the end of last year I prepared to hand-over my part-time role as Archivist at Otumoetai College to a new person. Because I work full time in another role, this job involved working one Sunday a month. The hand-over involved ensuring all the procedures I had set up were up to date and accessible, and training the new Archivist.

I am proud of what I achieved in this role which I held for 5 years and that the systems and procedures I set up to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the school are robust and professional, ready for the new person to take over. However I was also pleased to relinquish the role because this allowed me to begin some study have more energy for my other job.


Makerspaces : Exciting and challenging

This is my reflection on The NMC Horizon Report 2014 Higher Education Edition which was published earlier this year. This report identifies 6 key trends impacting on higher education: the growing ubiquity of social media, the integration of online, hybrid and collaborative learning, learning analytics, students as creators rather than consumers/the rise of makerspaces, agile business models and the evolution of online learning.

Reading this report was both exciting and challenging. For example the idea of establishing a makerspace at my workplace is incredibly exciting to me, as I can see it being a way to recognise and support students as creators rather than consumers, and to bring together the tools, skills and expertise that exist across all our programmes, and I’d love to be involved with this. How to link this to strategic goals and make this happen is the challenging bit. I’m going to follow up on the further reading in this report and commit to writing a paper about the potential for a makerspace at our institution.


Mobilising the values of Pacific cultures in education

In December 2013 I attended a keynote presentation from Winnie Laban at the ANZSSA (Australia New Zealand Student Services Association) Conference in Wellington. Luamanuvao Winnie Laban is Assistant Vice Chancellor (Pasifika) at Victoria University of Wellington and has previously been a Member and Minister of Parliament. In 1992 she was bestowed the Samoan chiefly title of Luamanuvao.

Winnie spoke passionately to us about how education is greatly valued by Pasifika, yet achievements levels are low. Student services have the potential to mobilise the values of pacific cultures to increase participation and involvement.

At my workplace our focus has been predominantly on raising achievement levels of Māori students. Pasifika students make up 4% of our student population. Since this session I have had several discussions with staff about ways to incorporate inclusive practices for Pasifika, and a group of staff have begun informal Samoan language sharing sessions, but there is work to be done to put a sustainable plan in action for students.


Digital Trends on a Collision Course

Another belated reading reflection. I’ve just caught up on the 2013 IFLA Report ‘Riding the Waves or Caught in the Tide? Navigating the Evolving Information Environment’

The report identifies broad trends that are shaping the information environment. These trends have been driven by technological change and range from access to education, privacy, civic engagement, and transformation of the information economy.

This report emphasised to me how important the role of librarian continues to be and how crucial it is we are prepared for change. As mobile devices become more ubiquitous, society becomes more hyper-connected and more government services go online, intermediaries will increasingly be needed to help those without digital literacy skills. Librarians will need to know how to deal with privacy issues once ‘Google Glass is in the building”. As providers of e-content we need to think about the responsibilities we have to protect our user’s data and how we will continue to support serendipitous discovery when the dominant mode of search is that of the algorithm.

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