My Twitter beginning

Social media bunnies with DK photobombing

Social media bunnies with DK photobombing

Last year I attended a LIANZA Social Media Workshop facilitated by DK  aka  @justadandak.   This practical training involved the use of various social media tools including Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo. The workshop was the impetus for me to develop a personal learning network on Twitter, get active with my tweeting, and start to use other platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram and WordPress.

Using Twitter has helped me identify and follow inspiring librarians, technology whizzes, leadership gurus, and other interesting people. Participating in both personal and professional twitter conversations has helped me develop and share my ideas about library services, and life in general! There are so many amazing people on Twitter, doing all sorts of clever and kind things to make the world a better place. I have encouraged a social media culture amongst my colleagues, am about to launch a work  twitter account to promote and increase engagement with Ako Ātea services, and my team regularly contribute to the wider Polytechnic social media activities. It’s all been a real blast!  You’ll find me on Twitter @leerowe.

Making a video at DK's workshop

Making a video at DK’s workshop

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