Finding your Fit

This is a follow up to my post yesterday about the benefits of defining your values. Once you’ve got your values sorted, then you can start to think about how they align to the values of any organisations that you are involved with or work for. garage final alignment 01 Garage Final Alignment by Dr John Bullas on Flickr CCLicence

In the past, I have done this without realising what I was doing – I subsconciously found a way of lining myself up within the culture of my workplace or other organisations I’ve been a part of.

Now I do it in a more explicit way, and as a leader, I try to talk about this often with my team. It’s a strategic way of thinking and working, which can be incredibly beneficial to both you and the organisation. Having a good awareness of the relationship between you and the organisation may help you feel more connected and involved – both parties will get a lot more out of the relationship.

Here’s an example of how I have aligned the goal and values of my employer The Bay of Plenty Polytechnic (on the left) with some of my own values and their associated behaviours (on the right)

This is a really satisfying exercise to do – well worth it if you have the time. If you find it very difficult to align your own values with those of your organisation, then this may be something to think about. It could be that there is a mismatch between what you think is important and what the organisation you are involved with thinks as important. Is this the right place for you? Hopefully this isn’t the case though, I’m sure you can find some good connections.

(Of course, all this assumes that you know what your organisation’s values are. If you organisation does not have stated values, then consider its goal or purpose, and the general culture of the workplace. How do you fit with this culture?)


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