Information Literacy – Back on the Agenda

Warm fuzzy – information literacy is back on the agenda at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic.

Just a short post today for #blogjune.

Thought I’d share this email I got today from the Programme Leader for our in-house course in adult teaching and learning, which we call Poutiriako. All new teachers at our polytechnic do this course if they don’t already have a teaching qual.

“From: XXXXX

Date: 6 June 2013 2:13:23 PM NZST

To: Lee Rowe

Subject: Poutiriako

Hi Lee, as you know Poutiriako was modified this year to only be course 1 so I had to leave out quite a bit including the Information Literacy Section. However after offering two courses of the new version, I feel we need to reinstate this session as it is important and the students have always got a lot out of it. Would you or someone on your staff be able to offer it Wednesday 10th …”

Yahoo we’re back on the agenda and valued! This is exciting to me, because this course provides such a powerful embedded opportunity to educate our teaching staff about the value of information literacy skills for both themselves and their students.


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