Four flat whites in Italy

Five of us went to see Roger Hall’s latest play Four flat whites in Italy at Baycourt last Thursday Night. A fabulous production – a witty script, great acting, brilliant theatre design, costumes, and lighting – all added up to give this event the vavoom X factor. No wonder the Tauranga season sold out. There were so many one liners it was a belly laugh a minute, but the overriding theme for me was one of human kindness. Two couples who are at opposite poles of the social spectrum (Labour vs National, white collar vs blue collar, Dick Francis vs highbrow fiction etc ) and who have very little in common (apart from living in the same apartment) bitch at each throughout the holiday in Italy they end up going on together. This provides much of the play’s humour. And it is HILARIOUS. But as they get to know a little about each couple’s past, little acts of kindness/forgiveness occur and the couples end up perhaps seeing each other (and themselves) a little bit differently. The two supporting actors were brilliant as they played a whole range of different roles. A great story with lots of layers to keep the interest up. The occupation of one of the couples was librarian, and as one myself there was quite a bit of personal cringe factor as Roger Hall gently ribbed the characteristics of the typical librarian. Spot on! I suppose if you were a plumbing contractor like the other husband you would cringe just as equally…maybe???

Have to admit I did love the book recommendations Adrian gave!

Lee the librarian.


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